Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another iphone 4G prototype / Google Editions / PVI & EInk

CrunchGear has a story on yet another iPhone 4G prototype in non-Apple hands and taken apart.   They link to the original story from Vietnam, in translated form, with several more pictures.

  Note that the Vietnam story gives an internal server error at first, but if you try it again it eventually produces the page.   A couple of quotes but much more at CrunchGear.
' It seems this boy is powered by a reduced version of the A4 CPU that also runs the iPad.

It’s probably safe to say the iPhone OS 4’s multitasking was coded with this platform specifically in mind and should run like a dream. '

PC World writes that Google Editions will have about 4.5 million books but they're not sure what Google Edition books are.

  They reference a story from Japan Today claiming that Google has ' "clinched the support of almost all publishers in the United States" and that the number of authors and publishers who have agreed to participate have topped 25,000.  The story claims that, between these arrangements and books with expired copyrights, Google Editions will offer over 4 million titles.  Japan Today cites "company officials" but offers no further attribution. '

  PC World is perplexed by the following passage in the Wall Street Journal
' While Mr. Palma didn't go into details, users of Google Editions would be able to read books from a web browser—meaning that the type of e-reader device wouldn't matter. The company also could build software to optimize reading on certain devices like an iPhone or iPad but hasn't announced any specific plans. '
Essentially, they feel Google's out of touch to feel that many will want to read books via their computer web browsers and that it's unlikely 4 million books are ready to go in ePub or other formats.
' Running those scans through OCR software to get a clean digital edition is another. This one is a puzzle, to be sure. '

A somewhat interesting and long story on the role of Credit Suisse in the acquisition of E Ink Corporation by Prime View's.
' It's not surprising that Credit Suisse's Asia team would be the bankers who believed in Prime View and E Ink's potential, and were willing to put their bank's cash to work. Credit Suisse has a heritage in tech -- consider that Vikram Malhotra, the co-head of the investment banking department for Asia-Pacific, used to head the technology, media and telecoms business in Asia. '

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