Monday, May 3, 2010

iPad helps win $361,661 in court case vs $6,600 settlement

CNet's Chris Matyszczyk reports that, rejecting a settlement for $6,600, Peter Summerill and his iPad won a trial the other day, using the eye-catching device for quick presentations to the jury:
' To the unincarcerated eye, MacLitigator seems to have used the unassuming genius of the iPad to maximum effect. "Using Keynote, all documents to be admitted at trial were loaded in. BlankiPad_Trialslides provided a 'tabbed' divider set up, separating photos of the scene, X-rays, medical records, tables, and summaries into their respective categories," he wrote on his blog.

  This all seems so beautifully seamless. But wait, there's the iPad's wonderful speed too. "Because the iPad can switch so quickly between presentations, flipping from the trial slides to the deposition transcript slides during a cross-examination is an effortless process," explained MacLitigator. '
Details at the link...

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