Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Good Review Links for Kobo, Alex and other e-readers - Update1

Video of Len Edgerly's take on the Alex, after using it for about 2 weeks.

   He mentions that it's $399, which takes it a bit out of contention due to other aspects he describes and shows, but it appears that it will sell for about $349, I read.  That is still $100 more than the leading e-Ink e-readers (Nook, Sony, Kindle).  Also, I've read that Borders will be partnering with the Alex, and the Borders bookstore selection will be available to Alex users probably in June or July.

  In the video, Len compares the Alex -- which has a small color web-browser component (WiFi) at the bottom -- to the Nook, which has a smaller lower color panel that can now be used for seeing slices of web-browsing in  WiFi mode (with fuller website data shown in the e-Ink area).  The Alex can shift material from the small color screen to the e-Ink screen for easier reading.  It's interesting to see these two e-readers side by side.  Neither one has 3G cellular wireless access.

Here are are a couple of links to some very thorough reviews I enjoyed recently:
ALEX - by Spring Design
  Alex review by Laptop Magazine, March 19.

KOBO - by Kobo Inc
Bear in mind that it appears to be a very good bare-bones e-reader for $150 or so.  If getting it for your kids for educational purposes, note that it is less expensive because it has no in-line dictionary,  no Search, no highlighting or notes (all things important to me because I actually remember better when I can highlight and make notes, and I learn a bit more actually using a dictionary instead of guessing as I did for decades).

  It also has no wireless of any kind for downloading books even, but uses bluetooth, has no text-to-speech, and no mp3's as most other e-readers have (but the latter isn't important).

  BIG PLUS - it allows you to borrow public library books.
  That alone can make the difference.

And it comes with 100 classics on it.
  Kobo review by Electronista

I may update this one as it goes, depending on how long it is between fairly thorough reviews that I notice.  (There are a lot of reviews that aren't thorough.)

UPDATE 1  - May 7. (Original posting May 6 ) - Borders is named as retail partner.

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